Project 7: Jig Class A

Front view 

Side view

System test

Video on tape


This is an industrial project proposed by one company to place a sticker automatically for motorola walkie-talkie casing. A spesified slot has been provided for production operator to place the walkie-talkie. An infrared sensor will detect the presence of walkie-talkie, send a signal to PIC to rotate a stepper motor used to bring down the sticker on that casing until it detects a specified lenght of sticker. A servo motor is attached to the jig body to stamp the sticker on the casing. When finish stamping the sticker, the stepper motor continues to rotate until it detects new stop sensor. The process continues as the production operator put a new casing in the provided slot.

Prinsip operasi

Ini sebuah projek drpd industri digunakan untuk menampal sticker secara automatik ke atas casing walkie-talkie. Operator perlu meletakkan casing walkie-talkie pd slot yg disediakan,sejenis sensor infarared akan mengesan kehadiran walkie-talkie. PIC arahkan sebuah motor stepper utk memusingkan lilitan sticker dlm masa yg sama sebuah motor servo digandingkan dgn jig digunakan utk melekatkan sticker pd casing.  Proses ini berterusan setiap kali operator meletakkan casing yg baru. Dlm program, jarak pergerakan motor stepper dikawal mengikut  panjang sticker tsbt. Projek boleh diupgrade dgn menambahkan slot sensor utk mengesan kedudukan  bg satu sticker.

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