Projek 8 : TEG Stove Charger

Backside stove

System installation
Stove charger

Video on demand

This project has been awarded a gold medal in the ITEX convention. It is a stove charger used to charge your handphone battery, desk lamp or LED light. The heat we prodecud from cooking process is converted into electricity using thermo electric generator TEG. The number of electricity produced depends on the temperature difference between the two side of TEG. One side is cooled with air while another side is attached to the heat. The bigger the difference, the greater electricity we produced.

The electricity then is fed into a charging circuit controlled by a PIC microcontroller. The controller also displays the charging rate and the charging voltage for user to monitor this process. A number of 6 TEGs are used in series to produce 12-17 V that is similar to solar panel voltage. The controller can be programmed to charger 5V batteries or 12 V batteries.

Prinsip operasi

Projek ini telah memenangi pingat emas di ITEX (Innovation and Technology Excibition) May 2013. Satu pencapaian yang membanggakan bagi peserta yang terlibat. Sebuah projek menggunakan dapur masakan (stove) utk menghasilkan tenaga haba yg ditukar kpd tenaga elektrik melalui penggunaan TEG(thermo electric generator). Perbezaan haba (delta T) antara 2 sisi permukaan menghasilkan satu julat voltan/arus yg digunakan utk mengecas bateri handphone. Selain itu boleh digunakan utk lampu LED bilik tidur dsbnya. Litar PIC digunakan utk memaparkan charging voltage dan status charger. Sejumplah 6 TEG digunakan secara siri utk menghasilkan voltan open circuit sbnyk 12-17V sesuai dgn kadaran voltan yg hampir sama dgn PV(solar panel). Litar pengecas bateri akan menurunkan voltan TEG kpd nilai yg sesuai utk pengecasan bateri (14V utk bateri 12V) dan (5V utk bateri handpone).